The Best iOS 14 Tweaks: Emerald – Status bar enhancement tweak

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Status Bar Widgets

Emerald enhances your status bar with an intuitive interactive widget. Emerald intelligently displays relevant information as required. For example, Emerald displays a compact volume HUD in place of the obtrusive native interface.

Emerald supports all jailbroken devices running at least iOS 12.


To select a primary pill simply long press on Emerald to reveal the selection menu.

Current Pills:


View the current media volume. This pill can replace the native volume HUD.


View the current local time.


View the current local date. This pill can expand to view upcoming events.

Device Connections

This pill appears when a device connects or disconnects, displaying the device icon and connection status.

Current Condition

This pill displays the current local weather condition.


This pill replaces native notification banners. Tapping on a notification pill can either open the target application or show the notification’s native expanded view.

Bluetooth Devices

This pill gives important updates on the battery status of connected devices 

Network Upload and Download

This pill displays the current network throughput.


This pill displays the number of upcoming reminders.


This pill displays the current battery status of your device.


This pill describes the currently playing music.


This pill describes the current local temperature.


This pill displays the number of upcoming calendar events.


Some pills can present more information with a single tap. Doing so displays their respective platters.

The following pills that currently support platters:1. Reminders 1. View and manage upcoming reminders. 2. Battery 1. View battery information for connected devices. 3. Media 1. Control currently playing media. 4. Temperature 1. View the current local weather forecast. 5. Calendar 1. View upcoming events.