iOS 14.3 Jailbreak Update

Just giving you all an update in the jailbreaking world.

If you have an iPhone Xs or newer there is currently no jailbreak on iOS 14 yet. The best firmware you can be on for those newer devices is 14.0, 14.0.1 or 14.1 as Apple made some kernel level patches in iOS 14.2. These exploits that Apple patched might be released in the future and could be used to create an iOS 14 jailbreak!

If you have a iPhone X or older you can jailbreak it on iOS 14.2 with checkra1n.

I don’t think there will be a 14.2 jailbreak so if you are on that version feel free to update to 14.3. The iOS 14.3 update did not patch any kernel level bugs so I believe the possibility of a jailbreak is highly unlikely.

This is only advice and I might be wrong. The best rule of thumb is to always stay on a lower firmware!