Backbone One iOS Controller Review

The controller costs 99$. Is it worth the price point?

Design: overall good! Plastic in material most buttons have a nice haptic click to them aside from the R1 and L1 bumper buttons which feel mushy. The thumb sticks are a little small for me making it hard to be super precise in FPS games like COD mobile. Over time I did get use to the thumb stick size and is not a huge issue.

App design: the function of the app is just how Apple would do it. Easy to navigate and visually stunning. The in app highlight editor is really good! Allowing you to capture, edit and post your best game highlights with ease. My only complaint for the app is where do I find friends? I can’t seem to find any.

Function: it seems to work with everything I throw at it like Delta, DolphinOS, Stadia and any controller supported game from the App Store!

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