Color Matching On iPhone

Color matching on iPhone can be incredibly powerful when it comes to customization, jailbreak or no jailbreak.

Drop is an app from the App Store that I use for creating color palette’s and color matching certain elements. This is very handy when it comes to tweaks that give you the freedom of choosing custom colors and even non jailbreak related stuff like WeatherLite.

How I use drop is I simply screenshot the color I’m interested in replicating. For example I’m using my current Home Screen setup on my non jailbroken 12 Pro Max and simply touch on the screenshot to choose a color. As you can see as you touch more colors they are added to the bottom of the screen to easily switch between the colors.

You can then select on a certain color and see all the exact details of that color. RGB and HEX codes are easy to copy and paste to whatever you want.

Drop has many other abilities but this is the core function that I use in terms of color matching on iOS. A very simply and powerful color picker app!